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Hi people and welcome to CAMP ROCK!

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The movie begins in the home of Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato), an aspiring young musician who is hoping to become
a professional singer. Mitchie wants to attend the prestigious and expensive Camp Rock, but her
parents can't afford the camp. Mitchie later learns that her mother, Connie (Maria Canals Barrera) decides to take her
catering business to Camp Rock, and so Mitchie can only go if she helps out in the kitchen with her mother (to which
Mitchie of course agrees).

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When Mitchie arrives at camp, she becomes friends with Caitlyn Gellar (Alyson Stoner), Lola Scott (Aaryn Doyle),
Barron (Jordan Francis), Sander (Roshon Fegan), and meets the Camp Rock diva, Tess Tyler (Meaghan Jette
Martin), the daughter of pop star T.J. Tyler (Jennifer Ricci), and her so called "best friends", Margaret "Peggy
Warburton" Dupree (Jasmine Richards) and Ella (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle).

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Meanwhile, pop star Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) is dropped off at camp by his bandmates Jason (Kevin Jonas)
and Nate (Nick Jonas) because of his bad attitude ("You're the bad boy of the press right now!") and also as
the limo was driving away Nate tells Shane that they told the press they would be recording with the winner
of Final Jam. Later that day he's chased by fans and falls in the bushes near mess hall, he hears Mitchie
singing her song "This Is Me" (though she thinks she is alone). Shane looks for her, but in vain.

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At an open mic concert, Mitchie listens to Lola's performance of the song, "What It Takes" and then
bumps into Tess. In a desperate attempt to fit in, Mitchie lies to Tess and says that her mother is
the president of Hot Tunes in China. Tess, Peggy, and Ella think that this is cool, and they invite her
into their group. Mitchie arives at the kitchen to help clean up and Shane arrives, not wanting to be
recognized Mitches covers her face in flour; Shane complains about not being able to go near his
breakfast and says that his manager sent over his food allergie list and Mitchie calls Shane a jerk
for not talking to her the right way.

Shane ditches his dance class the day he was upset but went the next day teaching hip hop to the
song "Start the Party" where, afterwards Andy trips over Tess; and Shane encourages him to get
the beat from his hands to his feet. Shane is told if he's going to the campfire but says no. But he
goes anyway and likes Tess's song, "Too Cool". Shane and Mitchie see each other again at the
lake where he's writing a song and gets mad when interrupted by Mitchie, she tells him it's
different but she likes the song, Shane begins to like Mitchie after this. He even makes a
song about the girl he's looking for (which is really her), "Gotta Find You" and plays it for Mitchie
. Later, Caitlyn enters a food fight with Tess (which Tess had caused), but is sent to kitchen duty
when Tess stated that Caitlyn had been the first to throw food (which is true, but it was only in
response to when Tess "dropped" her food on Caitlyn). In the kitchen, Caitlyn finds out that the
cook is Mitchie's mother, but she doesn't tell anyone (instead, she reveals to Mitchie that she
used to be friends with Tess but was kicked out of their group because "Tess doesn't like

Shane begins a search for the girl with the voice, but he can't find her. Mitchie doesn't believe it
could be her- "he's never heard me sing". Eventually, Tess finds out about Mitchie and Shane's
relationship, and she also finds out about Mitchie's little secret. She exposes Mitchie after a
surprise concert from Connect 3 ("Play My Music") and this breaks Shane's heart, thinking that
Mitchie was only friends with Shane Gray the celebrity and that she didn't mean any of the
things she said. Everyone turns against Mitchie and shuns her, except for Caitlyn.

Later, Tess overhears Brown talking to Shane and finds out that Shane's girl is Mitchie, and she
tries to prevent Mitchie from singing at the Final Jam so that Shane can't hear Mitchie sing and
won't know that she was the girl by placing her "lost" charm bracelet between some of Mitchie's
books in the kitchen and bringing Mr. Brown so that way Shane can't hear her. Her scheme works,
and Caitlyn and Mitchie are banned from camp activities until the end of Final Jam.

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Right before Final Jam, while Tess, Peggy, and Ella where rehearsing she criticised them and
Peggy dropped out of the group, followed by Ella. At Final Jam "Hasta La Vista" is performed,
and when Tess sings her song, "2 Stars", she sees her mother there. During the middle of her
performance, Tess sees her mother talking on her cell phone instead of listening to her
daughter's performance. Hurt, Tess drops out of the competition by nearly falling off the stage
to get her mom's attention and runs off the stage crying; and a last minute addition is performed
by Margaret Dupree, or Peggy. After Peggy performs "Here I Am", Tess apologizes to her and
Ella, also adding that she had no idea Peggy was so good. Peggy wins the Final Jam. After it
is over, Mitchie performs her song "This Is Me". Shane hears the song and realizes that Mitchie
is the girl, and he sings part of "Gotta Find You" in collaboration with Mitchie's song, holding
hands at the end.

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Finally, the whole cast sings one song together, "We Rock".

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Summary by Akansha.K